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Q&A working in Germany

1. Do I have to pay for the registration or for getting a job in Germany?

No. All costs for the registration, administration, analysis of the information and possible placement in a German company are partly paid by us and partly by the client. From the beginning of the process till the final signing of a labor contract with the client you do not need to pay for anything. 

Like usual in the human resources consulting business we also pay for plane tickets and accommodation if necessary. So you can focus on building your career in your new home.

2. What are you doing with my data?

Your information is strictly confidential and under the protection of the EU data protection laws. Only with your permission would we share your information with the client. For sure we would have to initially inform our clients about your educational qualifications and your professional capabilities, but that is done anonymously. Otherwise the client would not have the basis to know if you would be an interesting candidate for their company.

In no case would we share your information with parties who are not integral to the recruiting and on-boarding process. 

3. Why are you only placing positions in the e-mobility and automotive electronics area?

We have a large network in the German automotive industry and we were have filled a vast amount of roles in the e-mobility sector. 

We are leveraging on this network to offer you suitable jobs. 

4. What happens if a German company is interested in my profile?

The first step is that we will have an interview with you (via telephone or messenger). The second step is that we then send the company your profile. The information shared is anonymous that means the profile does not contain any personal information that can be used to identify you, only informing the client about your qualifications. 

From the very start you are a part of the process. After a possible following telephone interview between you and the client, we will arrange a personal appointment in Germany or in your home country. 

In any case you do not have to pay for anything, like described above.

5. Do I have a claim for a job?

Of course we cannot promise a successful placement in a German company. If you have German or English language abilities and the qualifications which are needed in the German industry you probably get a job taking into account the present situation in the German job market. With the registration you do not acquire a judicial claim.

6. Why do you need extra data like knowledge about ISO 26262 and my CV/resume?

To ascertain your suitability for possible jobs we use a database system which allows us to filter for different key words. 

For example, if one of our clients was looking for somebody who has experience in the autonomous driving sector or did research on solid batteries. It would be easier for us to find your profile if you gave us this extra information. 

7. I sent my resume and put all information in the form – but I did not hear from you. Can I do something? 

We save your information on our database and will only contact you once there is a possible vacancy. This might take two days or two years. 

Should you experience any changes in your profile or work experience please fill out the form for a second time, provide your new CV/resume and write a note in the comment field. 

8. I want to delete my data, what can I do?

If after registering with us you are no longer interested in seeking an opportunity in Germany or you have successfully started a job in another company, just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will remove your information from our database.